One of the best things about sports forms in Ohio is how many games, tournaments, leagues, and matchups – not just here in Ohio, but around the world – they open up for gambling!

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How to bet on sports in Ohio

Sure, there are plenty of people that want to bet exclusively on the Ohio State Buckeyes football team or the Cleveland Indians baseball team. But there are lots of other people that want to do a bit of football and baseball betting while doing a bit of basketball betting and hockey, too.

Below we run through a couple of the most popular sports to bet on in Ohio today, the kinds of sports markets you’ll find from all the top sports in the business right now.

Keep an eye out for the Ohio sign-up bonus offers before you start betting if you are a new customer.

Sports in Ohio to bet on 2024

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Sports to bet on in Ohio

sports-balls got you covered in the top sports available in the state:


Ohio Football betting is far and away the most popular sports action you’ll find in the state (and in the US, for sure). The people here sure love it on their Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.

You’ll be able to place wagers down on college football and professional football, with some sports providers even offering arena football options and Canadian football options, too.


Ohio Baseball betting is super popular in the Buckeye State. The Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds have some of the most passionate fans in the game, and that’s just at the Major League Baseball level!

You’ll be able to get into college baseball (and even some softball) options when you join a quality one in Ohio. Just make sure you’ll get a big Ohio sports betting bonus before joining a sportsbook.


It’s tough to imagine there being any more diehard fans in the game of basketball than Cleveland Cavaliers fans. Lebron James might not be headlining the squad any longer, but the title that he brought to the city rejuvenated a fan base that has always been really passionate about this club.

If you want to do a bit of basketball, you’ll be able to get into NBA, college (men’s and women’s), and even WNBA games, too. Learn more about Ohio basketball betting at our dedicated guide.


Ohio has always been a big hockey state. As soon as the weather starts to turn in the temperature starts to drop people get all geared up to follow their favorite college and club level teams as well as the Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get in on hockey betting at a bunch of different levels if you’re interested.


Top ones in Ohio make it easy to do a bit of betting and gambling on the game of golf, too.

We are talking about getting in on the PGA game, the European tours, major tournaments that are technically “off tour”, and the women’s leagues as well. LPGA and senior tour events are pretty well represented on most major ones in the state.


It’s always a lot of fun to do a little bit of betting on tennis, especially live, when you can watch the action during these tournaments and matches unfold in real time. All of the top books and sports platforms in Ohio are going to open up US and European based tennis options (as well as some located throughout the rest of the world, too).


They might not run NASCAR up at the Columbus Motor Speedway anymore, but that doesn’t mean that motorsports aren’t as popular as they’ve ever been in the great state of Ohio.

NASCAR fans, Formula One fans, and fans of racing in general – passionate fans that love speed and horsepower and the way those cars fly around the track – will have ample opportunity to put money down on their favorite events.


Soccer has taken off like wildfire in the last few years throughout this great state, with plenty of fans getting into not just European soccer (the Premier League specifically) but local soccer clubs, too.

FC Cincinnati has seen their fanship grow by leaps and bounds year after year. If you wanted to put some money down on MLS games (or soccer games from around the world) you won’t have a tough time finding one that lets you get in on the action.


Rugby matches aren’t quite as mainstream in Ohio as they are in places like England and Australia, but things are catching on for sure. A lot of fans in Ohio have been searching for opportunities to put money down on their favorite clubs overseas – and a quality provider will make it easy to put your money where your fanhood is.


eSports are quickly becoming the “next big thing” in the world of sports today. Gamer tournaments from some of the biggest titles (Call of Duty, Fortnite, Counter Strike, etc.) are attracting fans from Ohio looking to make some money on these digital competitions. Most quality ones are happy to accommodate! Read this Esports betting guide in Ohio for more information!

Table Tennis

Table tennis is another sport just perfectly made for live action. There’s just something about watching these matches unfold in real time, putting money down when you see the momentum swing one way or another, that pulls people in.


The cycling world (especially international events like the Tour de France) always attracts a lot of activity from quality Ohio sportsbooks. You’ll find lots of chances to put money down on cyclists in the US, the UK, Europe, Asia, and around the world from a reputable Ohio sports provider.


More and more people in Ohio aren’t just gambling on games of darts at their favorite watering hole anymore! A lot of new ones make it easy to bet on professional contests of darts, too.


Lacrosse is another up and coming sport in the US, with a new professional league really starting to take hold. It’s easier today than ever before to put money down on these kinds of contests with the right online operator.


Billiards (and darts) used to be mainstays of the American gambling community and are quickly becoming mainstays again thanks to the online world.

Horse Racing

There’s just something about putting money down on the ponies that gets people really nostalgic – but also opens up plenty of opportunities to win big. You won’t just be limited to the Kentucky Derby or the Triple Crown on Ohio sports, either. Read our guide on Ohio horse race betting to learn more.


Thinking about putting some money down on the next big wrestling PPV? Want to put down a future bet on a soon to be champion you know is ready to breakthrough? Itching to put a little dough down on the outcome of a Monday night match?

Find the right sports site and that’s effortless!


MMA is easily the most popular combat sport in the world today, led by UFC and their weekly cards. There are other promotions that you’ll be able to bet on through your Ohio sites, too, when you jump into the action.


Boxing still is the “sweetest science”. People love putting money down on big fights, but Ohio sites make it easy for passionate fans to bet on under cards and smaller cards as well.

Biggest pro sports teams to bet on in Ohio


When it comes to opening your Ohio betting banking account to putting money down on the “home team” here in Ohio, fans have plenty of professional teams to get behind. We are talking about:

  • The Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL
  • The Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds in the MLB
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA
  • The Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL

They might not be a “professional” team to bet on here in Ohio, but you can’t forget about all the different teams at Ohio State University. These college teams have a nationwide fan base, are always on TV, and are always in the thick of things when it comes to playoff competitions.

FAQ Sports in Ohio

Do all Ohio sports sites let you bet on every sporting event?

Not exactly. The best Ohio mobile sports betting apps are always going to let you get into the kind of sports you want to get into, but they may not have unlimited access to markets around the world. Some definitely have more markets than others.

Am I limited to bet only on Ohio sports teams?

Not at all! Lots of people like to bet on the home team, but you can get into sports betting for or against any team in Ohio – or anywhere else – when you sign up for a quality site.

Is it legal to get into sports betting online in Ohio?

Absolutely! It’s 100% legal to bet on sports online in the great state of Ohio now.