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Betfred Ohio Sportsbook Promos 2024

Betfred Betfred Ohio Sportsbook Promos Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now

Legal sports betting in Ohio (OH) launched last January 1, 2023. And Betfred was definitely one of the leading sportsbooks that went live. OH bettors now have access to the much awaited Betfred Ohio Sportsbook Promos. All are due to its partnership with the Cincinnati Bengals. New players can now anticipate big bonuses, and Betfred Sportsbook Ohio bonus certainly won’t disappoint!

Betfred Ohio Sportsbook Promo Code


The 2023 New Year really made a noise in the betting industry. With sports betting legalized in OH, this attracted more new players. Add to that, Betfred made generous promos and bonuses available. And just how exciting is that!

As you register, you can get bonus bets of up to $1,111. They call this, Fred Bets. You just need to use a $50 wager, then, you’ll automatically get the welcome offer of $111! Of course, with the least deposit of $10. Then, for the initial 5 weeks of playing, you can get back up to $200 losses every week. Basically, that’s a Betfred Ohio bet credit insurance.

Caesars Sportsbook Ohio promo code and BetRivers Ohio promo code also have great offers for their new customers. Keep an eye out for the Ohiosportsbookpromos.com website for the best promo code campaigns!

Criteria To Avail The Welcome Bonus

Here’s a quick look at the guidelines:

  • It will only be available to new OH users. Those with existing accounts are not qualified to avail it.
  • There is also an age restriction of 21 years old and above in claiming the promo code.
  • During games, you must be within the area of Ohio only. Betfred uses technology to locate you geographically speaking. Absolutely, there’s no cheating!

If the sign-up bonus isn’t convincing enough, check out the site to see what else it can offer. Still thinking if Betfred is the new “it” sportsbook or if it’s even worth a shot?

Never worry, as this review will cover everything you need to know.

Betfred Ohio Sportsbook Promo Bonus


When this promo bonus was launched, players gained access to Betfred Ohio sign-up bonus plus daily promos, and an array of betting options. Also, players can surely benefit from bet credits they can use for other games. Players will have a satisfying playing experience and will definitely come back for more.

Not only new users will enjoy Betfred Ohio promos, but also existing players. As the leading sportsbook, it offers a wide selection of daily promotions that include daily odds boosts, deposit bonuses, and professional and college sports boosts. Betfred Ohio bet credit insurance is available as well to all bettors.

List Of Bonuses Offered By Betfred Ohio

Truly, you can find the bonus that suits your strategy and budget. Promo options seem to be endless for experienced players too! Here is a list of bonuses you can get from Betfred:

  • Boosted Parlay Payout — With a $5+ parlay bet with -200 odds, you can have a bonus bet up to $100. Only for 4-7 leg parleys.
  • Double Take — You’ll win your wager as your team scored the first touchdown. If your team scored again, you’ll double your winnings.
  • Last Chance Saloon — For Pro Football Sunday games, you’ll get +100 on your total and spread.
  • Pre-Match Golf Par-Tee — As you bet $100, you’ll get a $25 worth of bet credits with -200 odds.
  • Pro Football Early Bird Special — You’ll get up to $20 by betting on Tuesdays for the upcoming NFL game. Betting during Wednesdays gives you $15 bet credits but there must be at least $20 with odds of -200.
  • Pro Football Overtime Insurance — As you lose your moneyline during overtimes, you can get back up to $25 or 50% of your stake. Also, awarded bonuses are in the form of Betfred Ohio bet credits.

Betfred Ohio Sportsbook Promo Review


Since its inception, it certainly justified their relevance in the betting scene. As restrictions continued to ease up, it paved the way to several sports betting. Players enjoyed betting without legal ramifications within the region. Having different promos greatly increased the level of gaming experience of the players.

Are The Promos Worthwhile?

The Betfred Ohio Sportsbook promos are among the best available in the industry as these are based on a per bonus value. Obviously, Ohio bettors will benefit especially from Betfred in the long haul. As they continue to play, they can take advantage of the multiple offered bonuses. At the same time, more bet credits and bonuses will be made available to them once Betfred Ohio introduces their loyalty and VIP program.

At the onset, the Betfred Ohio promo code isn’t only this sportsbook’s primary offering. Actually, you can have a bonus totaling more than $7000. Bonuses may come from offers such as bet credits and first bet insurance.

Known for its tempting promotions and offerings, you can expect a lot from Betfred all year round. Now that betting is legal in Ohio, players can expect a lot that’s in store for them. That’s why fans must consistently check out the promo section of the website and app for updates.

Betfred Ohio Sportsbook App


The website’s mobile application is available for both Apple and Android users. Hence, accommodating more players despite the phone brands and specifications. As we all know, you can do almost everything using mobile phones. In fact, the Ohio sports betting app has a sleek design with great unique key features. It is also worth noting that it is one of the most anticipated sports betting applications to date; thanks to its success in other states.

How To Install The Mobile App?

This is a good option for those who are always on-the-go and with a hectic schedule. You don’t need to worry as it has all the same features with the website. Using this mobile app only requires a few steps. Betting has never been this easy as you can play anytime, anywhere!

Here are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Go to the mobile application.
  2. Choose your location or state.
  3. Select “Download iOS” button for Apple users. Whereas, “Download Android” button for Android users.
  4. For Apple users, it will take you to the Apple App Store. While for Android users, it will automatically open the Google Play Store. Simply download and install the Betfred Sports Betting app, and you are all set!

But just like any new application, it still has a few drawbacks. Among them is the lack of promotions.

Without a doubt, Betfred Sportsbook is a great online sportsbook. However, in terms of the offered bonuses, it is still trailing behind other sportsbooks due to the absence of single-game parlays.



Ohio bettors will never miss out on any of their favorite games as Betfred Online Sportsbook has more than 20 betting offerings. Offers range from the more popular sports to unique niche sports. Bettors have access to the NBA, NFL, and even MLB games!

Games Included In Betfred Ohio Sportsbook

Therer are many games listed on this sportsbook and below are some of the more popular games that Ohio bettors can wager on:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Volleyball

On the other hand, Betfred also offers niche sports like:

  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • Olympic Sports
  • Mixed Martial Arts

Additionally, fans of the Cincinnati Bengals are in for a treat. Betfred Sportsbook is now the club’s official betting partner! Fans can now wager to their heart’s content.

Soon, more college sports will also become available on Betfred Sportsbook for OH bettors. In fact, college football and basketball betting is already part of their app. Nonetheless, this is for other states where online sports betting is legal.

Banking Options


A good banking experience is one component of retaining patrons. With this in mind, Betfred made sure that bettors have several options to choose from.

Deposit Methods

For deposits, here are the options available:

  • Skrill — This is an e-wallet that works similarly like PayPal. You have to fund it first in order to make a deposit to Betfred. This deposit method keeps your banking information from Betfred.
  • E-check — An e-check is simply a virtual version of a check minus the paper waste. Just like a check, it passes through the bank. So, take note of the clearing time.
  • Play+ — This is a reloadable account that you can use when making deposits. You can fund it by using credit, debit, or PayPal. Payments are possible via mobile app or loyalty card.
  • PayNearMe — This is an option which allows you to make certain transactions like adding funds to sportsbooks, including Betfred. It usually accepts bank transfers, debit, and credit. Cash is available in selected retailers, too. Please take note that this method is unacceptable when making withdrawals.
  • VIP Preferred — Betfred has this option available for ACH transfers. Just be sure that you’re aware of the processing time.

Hopefully, Betfred will add more deposit options as they expand in the future. This will definitely attract more patrons to their sportsbook.

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal options are the same as deposit options, except for PayNearMe. Here are the details for making withdrawals:

  • Skrill — Processing time is up to 1 day with no minimum withdrawal amount.
  • E-check — Processing time takes 3 to 5 days. The Least amount is $25.
  • Play+ — Instant processing time with at least $5 withdrawal.
  • VIP Preferred — 1 to 5 days maximum processing time. Withdrawal is at least $20.

Do take note that withdrawals worth $10,000 and above will need five days of advance notice.

Customer Service


In general, Betfred’s customer service is highly commendable. There are a number of ways to reach them. Despite not having some key support features, it is still a decent customer care and support.

Available Customer Support

  • Email Support — You can find it in the Betfred Support section. Their email support is swiftly responsive. Usually, you can expect a reply in a few hours or so. By the way, each state has a different email address.
  • Phone Lines — In most cases, you won’t have to wait longer than a few minutes just to get a response. To add, hotline numbers are different in each state.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a live chat on the interface. Another missing on their website is the FAQ page. This section is where players can view the answers to some common questions.

These downsides might be critical for the newly launched sportsbook. Other relevant sportsbooks even have a 24/7 live chat that offers support to all players.

Moreover, some of them also cater to international players and even provide translators for ease of communication. The FAQ section is essential as well. However, players should give it some leeway because it is relatively a new sportsbook. We can expect it to improve its customer service soon.

Final Verdict


Since October 2022, Betfred Sports has become available in Ohio through its mobile application. Because of their tie-up with the Bengals, it received a mobile betting license. Despite being just an app, it can provide an enjoyable experience.

Not only was this sportsbook able to have a headstart by introducing itself. It has also managed to keep its clients interested. Fans are surely excited for a bigger platform.

OH bettors can expect access to premium odds and numerous bet types. Add to that is the large range of sports contests available. You will find its odds competitive and worth noting.

Its live betting is among the popular ones since it is engaging and exciting. Placing bets is also a no-brainer. It can guarantee a seamless, enjoyable, and fresh gaming experience for all.

Having multiple sportsbooks might be a great strategy in finding the best odds. On the flip-side, having Betfred can be your greatest advantage. With numerous and generous offerings, you will surely come back round after round. Furthermore, players can fully utilize bet credit insurance. Bettors can also bet without the fear of losing.

Ultimately, you can expect great things from Betfred Ohio. With its reputation hinging on the success of its predecessors, you can surely count on it. Now’s the time to place your bets on Betfred Ohio Sportsbooks!


How old do I need to be in order to bet online at Betfred Sportsbook?

The minimum age for gambling will depend on a state’s gambling laws. But most likely, the age would be 21 years old.

Does Betfred have online casino games?

Yes, it does offer online casino games. However, this is separate from the sportsbook itself.

Can I wager on college sports on Betfred?

Yes, as long as your state allows online college sports betting. But still, options are quite limited.

Does it offer prop bets?

Yes, it offers prop bets. You can check their website to learn more about the different types of bets they offer.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

You can withdraw through several banking options like Skrill and e-checks. Check out their banking options to know more details.

Are there any promos for Betfred in Ohio?

Yes, you can find it on our website.